ShopLive’s Mobile Beacon Technology

By admin 2 years ago

Mobile beacons have been used over the past few years as a way to enhance a consumer’s shopping experience by tracking shopping habits in addition to relaying deals and offers via smartphone applications. Forbes explains the benefits of mobile beacons: “Consumers get highly targeted promotions and ads for the things they want, and retailers can collect valuable data on their customers’ buying habits, which can be used for future promotions, pricing strategies and marketing platforms.” Ultimately, mobile beacons will bring about major changes in the way consumers and retailers communicate. Consumers simply download their favorite retailer’s smartphone application, enable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allow push notifications from the application, and use the application while he or she is shopping. As a result, the consumer will be rewarded with personalized advertisements and coupons only available to those who have downloaded the application.

Our team at ShopLive has been working for years to spread the news of our BecoSystem in addition to BeaconPlus and B.E.A.M platforms. Our software is unique because our BeaconPlus+ and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons securely connect to multiple beacon-enabled mobile applications through a secure encryption technology. The beacons are compatible with IOS and Android systems, have a 250 feet indoor range, and a 450 feet outdoor range from beacon to smartphone. Our beacons are customizable by shape, color, and optional “shelf talker” models, which make them perfect for all types of environments. This allows our clients to build personalized content for their consumers, which in turn boosts their company’s sales and brings in new clientele.


ShopLive’s beacon software engages customers at the moment of purchase to influence transactions in addition to delivering pertinent and engaging social experiences. Our BecoSystem offers immediate feedback to clients with data backhaul and social media surveys so our clients will always be on top of what generates revenue and increases sales for their brands. Our company’s beacon technology also offers real-time insights and data feedback for improved customer service and in-store design and layout.

Our team offers a powerful engagement solution bringing the digital and the mobile world to a new level of consumer and community participation and loyalty. Our management tools create memorable mobile moments by activating experiences, apparel, events, video, mobile apps and beacon enabled networks.