ShopLive’s Augmented Reality Technologies

By admin 2 years ago
Happy woman using cell phone at a shopping center

Our team at ShopLive has been contributing to the growth of the Augmented Reality market for the past four years. Recently we teamed up with Reality Boost, a Miami-based Augmented Reality company to create products such as VeePop and LivePop to enhance our client’s relationship with their customers. We have also created augmented reality video gaming experiences for companies such as Wal-Mart, Marvel, and Disney, in addition to activated apparel for the nationwide retailer, Macy’s.


VeePop is a mobile augmented reality application created by our team at ShopLive, which permits its’ users to see and recognize images and objects around them in a unique way. Through VeePop, our clients can create personalized videos for their brand whilst adding an “oomph” factor to their logos and other digital content. VeePop is completely free and available for download in the App Store and the Google Play Store for your smartphone and/or tablet. VeePop will make your brand standout…literally. According to Kendall Gazette, “VeePop offers schools and nonprofits the opportunity to change the video message at any time, thus extending the life of the product.”



Using the same platform as VeePop is our product LivePop, which allows event organizers to place our ShopLive beacons throughout their venues, giving audiences access to digital couponing, social activations, immediate give-a-ways, scavenger hunts, loyalty rewards, map assistance, and application downloads. Attraction-goers will be given an entirely new experience through the touch of a button, an experience which is not only cost-effective for our clients, but also convenient for their consumers.

Our beacon and augmented reality devices do not stop at venues and retailers, we also put our efforts into improving community health. Our HealthLive technology combines augmented reality and our BeaconPlus+ platform to increase wellness standards for the general population.




Here at ShopLive we strive to increase the quality of proximity marketing relationships through innovative technology such as augmented reality software. Our products allow our clients to connect with consumers as well as other retailers to bring the most convenient and personalized product information directly to smartphones and tablets.