Remember the first time you saw the strange yellow line appear on the screen as you were watching the football game? That line, mixing the virtual and real worlds, is one of the earliest examples of Augmented Reality, known as AR.  As a general ‘definition’ AR allows you to point any mobile smart phone or tablet camera at a target and “see” a layer of digital information like a graphic, 3D image, or video, on top of the physical environment that is surrounding you.  (ie) It starts to rain in Central Park, open your “buy an umbrella” app, simply point it at The City, and choose where the closest retailer is located.


Augmented Reality+

AR offers digital enhancements to the real-world senses of touch, sight, sound smell and taste. From fun Photo Booth and Social Sharing engagements, to trying on the right color nail polish, or shooting up the bad guys…ShopLive technologies make Augmented Reality come alive.

Research shows AR is expected to reach a $600 Billion Market by 2016, and for the last four years ShopLive has participated in this growth.  From gamification for major brands like Marvel Comics and activated apparel with national retailers like Walmart, ShopLive has consistently contributed to the growth of the AR Market.

Walmart & Marvel Comics Cross-Branding


Activated Apparel | Macy’s & Hello Kitty


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