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    Shoplive offers a powerful engagement solution that brings the digital and the mobile world to a new level of consumer and community participation and loyalty.


We Activate Experiences and Engagement by Bringing Memorable Moments to Life.

Shoplive offers a powerful engagement solution that brings the digital and the mobile world to a new level of consumer and community participation and loyalty. Our management tools create memorable mobile moments – How? By activating experiences (known as Augmented Reality), apparel, events, video, mobile apps and beacon enabled networks.

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ShopLive’s Mobile Beacon Technology

August 28, 2015
Mobile beacons have been used over the past few years as a way to enhance a consumer’s shopping experience by tracking shopping habits in addition to relaying deals and offers via smartphone applications. Forbes explains the benefits of mobile beacons: “Consumers get highly targeted promotions and ads for the things they want, and retailers can collect valuable data on their customers’ buying habits, which can be used for future promotions, pricing strategies and marketing platforms.” Ultimately, mobile beacons will bring about major changes in the way consumers and retailers communicate. Consumers simply download their favorite retailer’s smartphone application, enable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allow push notifications from the application, and use the application while he or she is shopping. As a result, the consumer will be rewarded with personalized advertisements and coupons only available to those who have downloaded the application. Our team at ShopLive has been working for years to spread the news of our BecoSystem in addition to BeaconPlus and B.E.A.M platforms. Our software is unique because our BeaconPlus+ and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons securely connect to multiple beacon-enabled mobile applications through a secure encryption technology. The beacons are compatible with IOS and Android systems, have a 250 feet indoor range, and a 450 feet outdoor range from beacon to smartphone. Our beacons are customizable by shape, color, and optional “shelf talker” models, which make them perfect for all types of environments. This allows our clients to build personalized content for their consumers, which in turn boosts their company’s sales and brings in new clientele. ShopLive’s beacon software engages customers at the moment of purchase to influence transactions in addition to delivering pertinent and engaging social experiences. Our BecoSystem offers immediate feedback to clients with data backhaul and social media surveys so our clients will always be on top of what generates revenue and increases sales for their brands. Our company’s beacon technology also offers real-time insights and data feedback for improved customer service and in-store design and layout. Our team offers a powerful engagement solution bringing the digital and the mobile world to a new level of consumer and community participation and loyalty. Our management tools create memorable mobile moments by activating experiences, apparel, events, video, mobile apps and beacon enabled networks.  

ShopLive’s Augmented Reality Technologies

August 26, 2015
Our team at ShopLive has been contributing to the growth of the Augmented Reality market for the past four years. Recently we teamed up with Reality Boost, a Miami-based Augmented Reality company to create products such as VeePop and LivePop to enhance our client’s relationship with their customers. We have also created augmented reality video gaming experiences for companies such as Wal-Mart, Marvel, and Disney, in addition to activated apparel for the nationwide retailer, Macy’s. VeePop is a mobile augmented reality application created by our team at ShopLive, which permits its’ users to see and recognize images and objects around them in a unique way. Through VeePop, our clients can create personalized videos for their brand whilst adding an “oomph” factor to their logos and other digital content. VeePop is completely free and available for download in the App Store and the Google Play Store for your smartphone and/or tablet. VeePop will make your brand standout…literally. According to Kendall Gazette, “VeePop offers schools and nonprofits the opportunity to change the video message at any time, thus extending the life of the product.”   Using the same platform as VeePop is our product LivePop, which allows event organizers to place our ShopLive beacons throughout their venues, giving audiences access to digital couponing, social activations, immediate give-a-ways, scavenger hunts, loyalty rewards, map assistance, and application downloads. Attraction-goers will be given an entirely new experience through the touch of a button, an experience which is not only cost-effective for our clients, but also convenient for their consumers. Our beacon and augmented reality devices do not stop at venues and retailers, we also put our efforts into improving community health. Our HealthLive technology combines augmented reality and our BeaconPlus+ platform to increase wellness standards for the general population.     Here at ShopLive we strive to increase the quality of proximity marketing relationships through innovative technology such as augmented reality software. Our products allow our clients to connect with consumers as well as other retailers to bring the most convenient and personalized product information directly to smartphones and tablets.

Marvel Comics & ShopLive Team Up!

July 31, 2015
You can’t imagine life without your smartphone now, but in five years, you’ll probably toss it. By then, experts predict, you’ll rely on smart glasses or another wearable device that can place videos, emails and games into your field of vision. That mix of digital content and the real world is called augmented reality, and it will be a $120 billion industry by 2020, according to tech advisory firm Digi-Capital. South Florida is poised to be at the center of that explosion, thanks to Magic Leap, a Dania Beach startup that has raised nearly $600 million from Google and others for its unreleased, much-hyped augmented reality product. If the company is successful, it could help South Florida achieve its aspirations to become a technology hub. “We are definitely blowing people’s minds,” Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz told the Business Journal last year. “They don’t think this technology is possible. They think it’s 50 years away. They definitely don’t think of it as happening in South Florida.” Magic Leap is extraordinarily secretive, releasing few details about its product and avoiding interviews. In recent weeks, the startup has canceled scheduled glimpses into the company, such as Abovitz’s planned TED Talk and Magic Leap game designer Graeme Devine’s “Ask Me Anything” on the website Reddit. “We’re in a little bit of a quiet period,” spokesman Andy Fouché told the Business Journal, declining to give a reason. Just after canceling its TED Talk, Magic Leap released a video showing 3-D robots crashing through office walls. But it wasn’t clear whether it was a realistic representation of what Magic Leap can already do, or just what it hopes to do someday. Meanwhile, its chief competitor, Microsoft Corp., is not in a quiet period. It plans to release its HoloLens headset this summer. Microsoft has released photos and held demonstrations of its prototype, and it’s inviting developers to learn how to work with the technology at its Build 2015 conference next week. Magic Leap’s product has no release date yet. A rare glimpse Tech journalist Rachel Metz says she is the only person she knows of who has seen both HoloLens and Magic Leap’s product. She reported that the startup “is using a tiny projector to shine light at your eyes that blends in very well with the light you get from the real world around you.” When Metz visited Magic Leap in December, she said the product was nowhere near portable yet, but it impressed her nonetheless. “In that demonstration, 3-D monsters and robots looked amazingly detailed and crisp, fitting in well with the surrounding world, though they were visible only with lenses attached to bulky hardware sitting on a cart,” she wrote in the MIT Technology Review. Magic Leap’s $542 million October funding round included backers such as Google, Andreessen Horowitz and Qualcomm Ventures. Investors and others who have seen Magic Leap’s digital light-field signal technology say it works with your vision in a way no headset has before. But both Magic Leap and

The Miami Herald | Introducing ‘Smart’ Clothes

July 28, 2015
Clothing has joined the interactive, digital world. Download an app to a tablet or smartphone, scan an image incorporated into the design of the shirt an 8-year-old girl is wearing and she can be launched into the digital world of the popular Hello Kitty brand. RealityBOOST, a South Miami-Dade company, has built an app designed for the kids’ apparel company Evy of California, which is the U.S. licensee for Hello Kitty. The app, KuKee, is believed to be the first of its kind to activate an entire clothing collection using augmented reality (AR), which allows consumers to add a digital layer of technology to a physical product. “We’re looking forward to the day when kids ask their friends, ‘What does your shirt do?’ ” said Joel Rivera, RealityBOOST’s director of operations. The trigger to KuKee’s digital layer comes in a unique yet familiar form: Hello Kitty apparel and accessories for girls. “With a product like Hello Kitty, we are able to mainstream AR,” said Edwin Rivera, president of RealityBOOST. “We want it to stand out so people can see the potential behind the latest technology.” When the app is loaded on a mobile device, the user aims it at a unique “flag tag” marker on the garment. KuKee’s marker is a tag with Hello Kitty’s face on it. The digital component is then activated for use. The digital portal of Evy of California’s back-to-school Hello Kitty apparel features a photo booth experience that can be shared through social networks and email. The user takes a photo of a subject and then, through the virtual photo booth, the subject interacts with Hello Kitty items. The apparel is exclusively at Macy’s initially, but is set to expand to other retailers. “To keep things fresh, we already have new digital prizes set for the January and April Hello Kitty collections,” Edwin Rivera said. RealityBOOST is also working on integrating AR into education by enhancing books and other instructional tools. “AR has the potential to capture a kid’s attention and educate them,” Joel Rivera said. “With the innovations coming in AR, the everyday shirt and book is going to become a digital experience.” Read more here:

Local Company Produces App to Interact with Kids Clothing

July 28, 2015
Six-year-old Emma Rivera models one of the many “activated apparel” items produced by Evy of California that are exclusively in Macy’s as her father, Edwin Rivera, points his iPad at a special marker on the clothes that unlocks the “photo booth” experience. Well, Hello Kitty! That’s what one local South Florida company, RealityBOOST (, a two-year-old company specializing in Augmented Reality (AR), is saying. The South Dade company, the brainchild of Desert Storm veteran and former U.S. Marine Edwin Rivera, has built an app for kids apparel powerhouse Evy of California that is designed to let consumers interact with clothing. The first experience in the app activates “Hello Kitty” apparel that is being sold exclusively at Macy’s for the back-to-school season. Evy plans to launch more experiences for the app, making it part of their ongoing clothing lines with their partner brands. Working with Evy of California (, a multi-million dollar company out of Los Angeles that designs branded children’s wear and is the U.S. licensee of Hello Kitty, Rivera and the RealityBOOST team have built an app that Evy calls KuKee that “unlocks” an AR experience with Hello Kitty clothing carried exclusively at Macy’s. Recently named a “top innovator” by Apparel magazine — Evy calls the clothing featuring the RealityBOOST-built app “Activated Apparel.” “This marks the first time in the history of the young AR industry that an entire clothing collection is being activated using augmented reality,” said Edwin Rivera, a veteran of the emerging technology industry. “Up until now, AR has been limited to T-shirts.” The work for Evy marks just the latest step in RealityBOOST’s growth. The company, which was a spinoff of Rivera’s first tech company, Credelis Media Group, has collaborated on projects for Walmart, Marvel and Disney Consumer Products. All these apps have been innovative in bringing AR to the masses. Rivera, president of RealityBOOST — which produced the app for Evy — shoots the first of four pictures (Let’s Smile, Let’s Jump, etc.) of Emma in the photo booth. He then takes graphics (crown, hair ribbon, etc.) from the “experiences bar” and places them on his daughter’s pictures. Hello Kitty pops out (“Great Show!”) and urges the user to “check out your photos’ while presenting options that allow the user to email, tweet, and post the interactive pictures to Facebook. “We’re very excited to be working with such an amazing partner like Evy,” said Rivera, a guest speaker at various industry seminars. “When they first approached us about activating an entire line of clothing, compared to what everyone else is accustomed to doing, it became even more exciting. “Evy realizes that engaging the consumer and getting them to interact with the clothing line is one of the keys to increasing sales and brand awareness. Image AR as a “digital prize” that comes with clothing like the prize you get in a Cracker Jack box. Now you can have a piece of clothing that is fun to wear and have fun with.” Using the unique
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