iv_btn Intelligent Video (IV): Our Intelligent Video (IV) platform, with embedded behavioral learning, brings video to a new level of engagement, sharing, and conversion. Pick one, two or all of them, they all integrate into ShopLive’s SMART Commerce platform. ShopLive’s One-to-Many, One-to-One, and Interactive Tagged video solutions delivers a powerful engagement and conversion tool.
Artificial Intelligence (Ai): We learn, adapt, and predict your shopper wants….when, where and how they want them. ShopLive’s Behavioral Learning and Artificial Intelligence is a little on the Fuzzy Side! Our Fuzzy Logic forms the core of our adaptive learning – We meld our unique Fuzzy Logic and Evolutionary Strategies which is what makes us smarter than most other Ai systems. We go beyond the shopper habits to include targeted advertising, dynamic inventory management, and personal shopping agents. ai_btn
ar_btn Augmented Reality (AR): AR allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world. ShopLive’s AR adds layers of digital images or graphics on to the world around you. Imagine virtually “trying on” the latest pair of sunglasses, the hottest accessories, or placing the perfect lamp in your living room and buying from your smart device.
Intelligent Connect Beacons (ICb): Imagine something as tiny as a quarter that can deliver both secure and personalized messages from your favorite store, coffee shop, or stadium. Top of the minute sales or coupons right to your smart device. ShopLive Beacons connect digital information to physical places via smart devices. ic_btn
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ShopLive brings together a powerful set of innovative services and tools that connect you with your shoppers in Store, on the Street and at Home — Wherever they roam you will learn and predict their shopping behavior with our SMART Commerce Solutions. gears_icon
growth_icon Learn how our Augmented Reality, Intelligent Video, Intelligent Connect Beacons, Artificial Intelligence will enable you to increase customer engagement, loyalty and conversion!
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Shoplive’s innovative tool sets provide your brand more In store…In Home… On the Go exposure, directly to your customer. houses_icon
money_icon Today, smart brands understand the importance of attracting, interacting and retaining new and loyal customers. Reach your customers using ShopLive’s multiple high touch engagement solutions that tell your brand’s story wherever they go!
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We Seize and Exploit emerging Best of Breed solutions to increase your customer engagement, loyalty and conversion!   up_icon
team_icon We are a small but energetic team of seasoned guys and gals that live and breathe innovation — We know the good, the bad and the best in Video, Retail Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Beacon solutions.
We are excited about being at the forefront of the new paradigm shift in SMART Commerce! flag_icon
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